About Andrea

Andrea started singing in front of audiences at a young age and instantly fell in love with performing. Her musical education started out learning classical music on the piano but she quickly discovered that she’d rather write her own songs then practice someone else’s. After picking up the guitar in high school and forming her first band, she began to hone her songwriting skills and combined her two passions of singing and writing.
While attending University she received accolades for her powerful voice and original music and fronted an all-girl punk/hard rock band. After six years she returned to her hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canadato and immersed herself in a larger live music scene. She continued to front a number of original rock groups, but also made the push to establish herself solo. She has since charmed audiences with her blues/folk rock style and draws a dedicated following.
She released two albums while in Toronto and also appeared as a guest vocalist for other artists’ recording projects. Drawing influence from her own life experiences as well as stories from her bemused generation, she completed her first solo effort entitled Everything and released it to a packed club in 2007. Her solo endeavor continued in 2008 when she released The Other Side, a more mature sound blending genres such as jazz, rock/pop and electronica, with some unique instrumentation that added diversity to her originals and classic cover renditions.
Her unique and commanding voice, solid rhythm guitar and poignant songs have allowed her to grace the stages of some of the most famous clubs in Ontario, Canada. She continues to play in and around Toronto and has just completed a new album of originals and covers for 2012. She considers it to be a stripped down version of herself, with no back-up band and only her acoustic guitar and piano for accompaniment. Still maintaining a blues-rock edge, the album exposes Andrea at her best and is as close to a live performance as you can get.